Cosmopolitan Middle East fashion editorial

Cosmopolitan Middle East fashion editorial

Cosmopolitan magazine fashion editorial – retouched by Studio Impress

magazine fashion editorial

ONLY THE BRAVE – Cosmopolitan Magazine Fashion editorial, Middle East / Dubai


Cosmopolitan has a unique and intimate relationship with its readers. Since the launch of Cosmopolitan Middle East in 2011, readers of this region have been able to engage with the brand they love indeed world over. Cosmopolitan’s iconic brand status and trusted editorial sets it apart from other titles. So it is the life-stylist for millions of fun. Fearless females who want to be the best they can, in every area of their lives. This dynamic brand has been delivering its unique voice and engaging with Middle Eastern readers. At a level never before witnessed in this region. So it speaks to young readers in an informal and friendly way.


So a fashion shoot, which appeared in 2017 June Cosmopolitan Middle East issue, was set to reflect this message


magazine fashion editorial

Fashion Editorial


The main focus in fashion editorials is fashion, clothes or, in other words, wearable art. Fashion editorials showcase the situation the model wears products in. No doubt, in fashion trendy looks are most important. Fashion is all about clothing, accessories and even makeup being “in” style. We all know that fashion makeup has no rules. It can be something bold, very dramatic, creative and edgy. It can be anything from classic pretty to avant-garde.


magazine fashion editorial



However it is not quite the same in fashion editorials. Even though clothes are the main point of interest here once again you will notice how pretty and flawless models are. Very natural looking makeup indeed and it does not take the attention away from fashion (clothes) or wearable art. Fashion editorial showcase a lifestyle and how products or pieces can be worn. Makeup has to emphasize the clothing worn by model but in a sophisticated way and very often perfection comes to light as well.




Photography (c) Ausra Osipaviciute



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