The power of post-production


    Can you imagine a perfect picture? Something that is so impressive you cannot resist? And have you ever wondered if you could also make your special moments look like that? Well, you can. Photography does not end with shooting and choosing your best images, the most important part is post-production of those pictures. All the flaws and defects you might have disappear in the hands of professional editors. Editing and retouching involves every change you can imagine. We make faces look outstanding, improve the colours and smoothen skin. Our professionals create extraordinary compositions and adjust backgrounds to your liking. And, most importantly, we appreciate every customer and do our best to meet their expectations.

    Perhaps you own a business? Then you definitely need to provide your clients with the pictures of your products, you also want to advertise and do it in the most effective way. Here, our professional editors will hear you out and help you grow your business. Our team offers the highest quality commercial retouching services. No matter what product you sell, we will highlight its best features and it will stand out amongst others. If necessary, we can also create 3D models or cinemagraphs to make your advertisements look even more appealing.


Professional retouching services at Studio Impress


    At studio impress we have a professional team that is passionate about this job and we can make any picture look fabulous. Our highly skilled and experienced editors work 24/7 to deliver perfection, you will always find our services the best in the market. We tend to answer all requests as soon as possible, we know that your time is precious to you. Also, we deliver the final pictures in a timely manner, too.

    We do explicit beauty retouching, fashion and editorial, glamour and much more. Check out our portfolio in our website and don’t hesitate to share your dream with us. Our communication and quality of services will definitely surprise you.


As a small studio in

As a small studio in Long Island, NY, I first viewed Impress Professional Image Editing Services on Instagram. During one of recent family photo shoots, (a photo flash malfunctioned) when the client insisted he wanted that image to be displayed as a wall print. I immediately turned to Impress for the retouching wok. The breadth, scope, and high end quality of their work is unsurpassable.. It is now my only stop for retouching. Thank you Giedrius you are the best.

Jim Green
Jim Green Photography

your work is amazing and

your work is amazing and how you deal with your clients is so professional and easy going, and let the clients want to work again and again. I am happy working with you. Thank you.


Studio impress work to an

Studio impress work to an amazing standard and I am always so so pleased with their service and efficiency!! I have been working with studio and press for over a year now and they are always my one number one choice of retoucher. Such great vision and understanding of what I like and how I like my final images to look! Amazing!!

Yvette Byrne
Fashion Blogger

I have been using their

I have been using their services for a year now and I couldn’t be more pleased! Giedrius is always willing to help, and the delivery is always very fast, which is very important. Results are always very pleasing, I never need to return the photos for correcting. My main work is portraits and the skin retouching is perfect for what I do.

Alondra Angeles

We were in a bit

We were in a bit of a bin since our original retoucher wasn’t available and we needed images retouched ASAP. We reached out to Impress and received an immediate response! Giedrius Jankauskas was so very helpful, understood precisely what we wanted and needed and did an absolutely gorgeous job! Michael and I were extremely pleased with the results!! Thank you so much! We will most certainly be back!

Liz Scardamaglia
Michael Sanville


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  • Customer oriented service
  • Saving your time
  • Cost -efficient
  • Stunning looking result
  • Instant discount for your Big order 


No long chains of command. Contact us direct on [email protected] to discuss any retouching question you may have.