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Automotive & car retouching

Automotive & car retouching

Car retouching for Porsche Cayenne brand by Studio Impress

car retouching


Car retouching: Porsche Cayenne – ADV15 M.V2 Wheels – Gloss Gunmetal / Gloss Gunmetal


A presentational series of car photography taken in Dubai for ADV1WHEELS.COM


First of all, Porsche – a symbol of power and prestige indeed. Cayenne – the quintessence of these qualities with a touch of brutality. So it is noticeably distinguished from the set of premium SUVs, surpassing them in many ways indeed. But this is far not the main feature of auto. Porsche is not only better, it’s different. The fastest predator of city jungles indeed.


car retouching


car retouching



Secondly, photographing cars requires a special approach. Machines do not know how to pose, so the whole task of composing a composition, a plot and a camera angle of view lies entirely on the photographer.


What do you need in order to get an excellent shot? You will say that you need a good model. This is not true. For shooting, almost any car is suitable. Every auto deserves to be a star. Whether it will be so – depends on the photographer.


However, not always conditions of shooting can satisfy all requirements. It often happens that the lighting needs a lot of improvement or the background is simply terrible, but you can not choose.  Cars located in ordinary yards or stand along the road, while you need to get interesting and memorable picture. In such cases, the easiest way to change the environment is to replace the background in Photoshop. A correct treatment can change everything.


In conclusion, you can apply many different editing techniques in the process of the editing of the car. It can be portrait retouching, and photomanipulation with addition or replacement of objects, and do not forget about the color correction. There are many ideas for the realization of creative potential . Limitations are only in the imagination and quality of the images.


car retouching


Photography (c) Majed Baber




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