Hearts Fine Jewellery retouching for ad campaign

Hearts Fine Jewellery retouching for ad campaign

Jewellery retouching for HEARTS fine jewellery by Studio Impress

Jewellery retouching

Jewellery retouching for HEARTS fine jewellery boutique


HEARTS Jewellery boutique series for print catalogue and online store, done within the framework of  product retouching.


So HEARTS fine jewellery is an official Dealer of DeBeers Group. It is an international corporation specializing in extraction, processing and sale of natural diamonds, as well as the production of synthetic diamonds for industrial purposes. So Cecil John Rhode founded it in 1888 in the territory of present-day South Africa. Advertising slogan: “A Diamond Is Forever”.


We had an honor to become a part of the successful business and brand of this company by working on the variety of advertising and product gallery images



Diamond is like a selfless symbol of power, luxury, status


It’s the stone of the victos, that has always been a privelege of elite. Today, this jewel is the best friend of the girls and nowadays available to many people of different financial abilities. Purchasing it can become a beginning of life-style of a new level.


Historians believe that the first diamond was found six thousand years ago in India. Plain pebble locals valued less than any other, until they came to the idea of processing it. Further art mastered jewelers of Amsterdam. Louis de Bernel made first diamond in the XV century. The ruler of Burgundy, Duke Karl the Brave, became the owner of the stone. At this time, the peak of the popularity of diamonds arised: they fascinated Carl’s lover – Agnes Sorel.


Since then, these stones are the best friends of girls (and rich men) of the whole world. Napoleon, Catherine the Great appreciated it a lot, and one of the largest diamonds adorns the British crown. Greek ἀδάμας means “indestructible.” There is no single version of the origin of the stone. The most popular: diamonds formed due to the cooling of the earth’s mantle, brought to the surface by explosions.


To extract one carat (0.2 g) of diamond, it is necessary to process more than 250 tons of ore. For the extraction of a carat diamond, ore is required twice.




Client: HEARTS Fine Jewellery boutique