Retouching services online: why better RAW?

Retouching services online: why better RAW?

Why RAW, not JPEG



First of all,  you need to know that RAW is a file format that allows you to capture all the image data recorded from the sensor during shooting. In this format, you are able to get a better image because, unlike a format like JPEG, it does not compress the data, but leaves it in its original, expanded form. 



Advantages of RAW


At the moment, many cameras have the ability to shoot in RAW format and not only professional. Even smartphones got this feature and show quite good results.

Let’s take a closer look at why the RAW format is still better. And why agencies that offer retouching services online are asking for RAW.


Highest quality photos


Each camera initially shoots in the RAW format, and only then it automatically performs actions aimed at improving the image in its opinion, saving all this in an already compressed JPEG. But automatical options usually are not the best ones. The best ones are those witch retouching services online are making manually. 


By setting up the save in RAW you or those who are giving you retouching services online can quite flexibly manage the photo settings after your shooting and get the result you need. Due to the fact that JPEG is strongly compressed you can not get with him the same results, even close.

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Smooth Tone Transitions


Brightness levels are steps in an image from black to white. They are very important in photography and retouching services online. As the more levels photo has – the smoother transitions of tones.


RAW has 4096-16384 levels, and JPEG has only 256. This is described as the term “bit”, where RAW is from 12 bit to 14 bit, and JPEG is only 8bit. RAW allows to make a lot more adjustments with the least loss of quality, in contrast to JPEG because of this. 


Easy exposure correction


Many people know the situation when the lighting changes frequently, for example, on the street when sun goes down. And settings quickly become irrelevant. With RAW, you can often save the most seemingly illuminated or, on the contrary, shaded photos. You’ll be surprised what we can do with them when you use our retouching services online..

White balance correction


Frequent problem of many photos. They are too red, then yellow, then cold, etc. Although JPEG also has the ability to fix it, but it will be rather difficult and quite possible that you will not get the desired result. With RAW, you will be able to adjust the white balance quite well and automatically or more precisely manually at your discretion.


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Maximum details


As mentioned RAW saves more information and, accordingly, the photo contains more details, color information, etc. allowing sometimes to get amazing results when processing.



Enjoy the indestructibility of the file


When making settings in RAW, you do not do anything to the source file. You simply specify certain “instructions” that you can change or reset to the original state at any time.


JPEG files, in contrast, lose parts of quality every time. Each time you edit them you spoil your photo, so if you decide to shoot it all the same, then make duplicates of the original.



Better print quality


Since RAW is initially of higher quality, there will be better results when printing. Just as mentioned above, the gradients will be smoother, which is very important for printed publications.



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Ability to select color space


With RAW, you can easily convert your file to the correct color space depending on the situation. This is a complex topic, so consider just a few options in brief.

For web browsers, sRGB is suitable, and ProPhoto RGB if you want the widest color space. If these are files of preparation for the client, then Adobe RGB 1998 will be suitable. In each color space, its advantages and explore them will not be superfluous.


Professional result


Agree that a real specialist should provide his clients with personnel in the best quality. Without using all the opportunities you will lose customers and it will be problematic to develop as much as possible. RAW will allow you to express yourself and unleash your entire creative potential. What is possible with good quality files you can see here.