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At Studio Impress we have a professional team that is passionate about this job and we can make any picture look fabulous.

Our highly skilled and experienced editors work 24/7 to deliver perfection, you will always find our services the best in the market. We tend to answer all requests as soon as possible, we know that your time is precious to you. Also, we deliver the final pictures in a timely manner, too.

We do explicit beauty retouching, fashion and editorial, glamour and much more. Check out our portfolio in our website and don’t hesitate to share your dream with us. Our communication and quality of services will definitely surprise you. Editing and retouching involves every change you can imagine.

We make faces look outstanding, improve the colours and smoothen skin. Our professionals create extraordinary compositions and adjust backgrounds to your liking. And, most importantly, we appreciate every customer and do our best to meet their expectations.


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“Whatever I can dream up, these guys can make it better. I’ve gotten to the point where I can’t publish work unless it passes through them first. You’re making a mistake if you only use this studio for retouching, they also create and that’s where their real talents lie.”

- Kayla Kommer, Digital Marketing
ELLE Magazine

What is Photo Retouching

Photo retouching is a group of techniques realized in Photoshop, like retouching, airbrushing, or blemish retouching. It is also known as image editing. For commercial purposes we talk about editorial (magazines, publications) or commercial (wider range of products) retouching. Essentially the method optimizes images to make them look better and convey the right business message. Image retouching removes spots, marks, flaws, imperfections, and scratches from product images and photos. Retouching an image also gives it a vivid feel at the same time, keeping it as close to the reality or the atmposphere where the picture was taken. Many steps are required to reach the desired result, all part of the retouching process. It takes a skilled expert to retouch photos as professional post-production purposes. Let us go through some examples:

Glamour retouching enhances images used for commercial purposes. Beauty retouching includes beauty portraits, hairstyling, celebrity and fashion retouching. Every detail makes a difference in glamour retouching, and the work is challenging. We focus on providing high-end quality results and meeting the deadlines. Model retouching is a related image editing service done in Photoshop with specific filters that soften the skin and increase the glamorous look. When we edit your image in Photoshop, we do color correction, spots, acne, dust removal, make-up enhancement, hair masking, wrinkles removal, lighting enhancement, portrait retouching, correct skin imperfection, or aging, give the desired skin tone to your models.

Product photo retouching is key to having the best result for a product in an expensive advertising campaign. Product photos are the tools for making a purchasing decision. The process of enhancing product photos involves changing the image background, color correction, dust, scratches, unneeded items removal, giving the desired product tone that conveys the advertiser's message.

Jewelry photo retouching is paramount to buyers not visiting the physical store. Buyer decisions are made through magazines, brochures, online imaging, banners, etc. All these media need high-quality product images. Scratches, dust, photoshoot imperfections, all can be removed during the retouching.


How Retouching Works

All imperfections must be eliminated for product photos to look impressive and get ready for commercial use. Retouching removes discoloration, dust, scratches, unwanted/distracting elements, lighting, spots, blemishes. For portraits, the skin must look soft and healthy but not excessively polished. Retouching skin is making small changes while preserving the more important details that make the subject unique. The eyes must be edited to look vivid and alluring. Acne, marks, spots, red patches, wrinkles, under-eye circles, hot spots, blotchy skin, flakes of makeup, caked or not blended well makeup, lint or dust, flyaway hair, all noticeable problems surrounded by unblemished skin need to go. Lips and skin/photo colors get a retouch. The image background must be perfect, but it's not the case with external captures. So the background needs a touch-up with the subjects correctly focused on the scene. Any wrinkles in clothing won't do for product placement.


Who Needs Retouching Services

Advertising Agencies, Real Estate businesses, Product/Model Photographers, SMBs, Product Marketing, all can benefit from editing product photos. Advertising Agencies need retouching experts who can meet the deadlines, fulfill their requirements, and provide a high-end quality product with visual consistency across the project visuals. Photographers can now correct minor or more significant flaws and deliver the best professional result to their clients. Real Estate businesses can close better deals when their real estate looks breath-taking. SMBs can compete with larger firms if their photos look equally professional. Fashion models can show the glamour typically found in fashion magazines and eliminate skin imperfections. Other Photo Editing Agencies too busy to handle projects may outsource the touch-up services.