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Free Raw Photo Links To Download Images For Retouching Practice

Free Raw Photo Links To Download Images For Retouching Practice

Free Photo To Practice, 8 Links to Download Images



Every image is free to use; however, please always credit like mentioned in the download packages. Most photographers want you to credit them in exchange for providing you with free raw files to work on. So please, always credit where credit is due!


Always credit as the provider of the free raw files!


In photography, RAW images are less popular since they require more touches before ready to use. Unlike JPG which basically is a portable format and can be open using regular image viewers, a RAW file need to be converted first since not all image viewers have the capability to open RAW. RAW is a proprietary format. Each camera brand has its own file extension of RAW.


RAW-formatted images are good for those who want to learn image editing. RAW images have better quality because no image information is compressed when you shoot in RAW. It’s different to JPG where some image information will be compressed.


You can distinguish both formats by editing a single image over and over. Your RAW-formatted image will remain good in quality. Your JPG-formatted image will also (probably) remain looks good, but it will lose its quality.


If you recently want to learn editing RAW file but is too busy to go out for photographing, there are some links where you can download some RAW images for free so that you can start learning immediately. Here is the list:


1 – 64 RAW Files

2 – Photographer @albertchime (3 Beauty RAW)

3 – Photographer Slava Samoilenko 8 beauty looks [RAW]

4 – 66 RAW Files

5 – 43 RAW Files

6 – 54 RAW Files

7 – 145 RAW Files

8 –


1 – 64 free RAW photo

beauty 64 RAW Files free

Free Raw Photos to Edit – Just Do Practice


Download these free raw photos to practice your Photoshop or Lightroom skills. We offers a special collection of studio and outdoor photos to practice editing and color correction. 


These pictures have no footprints of photo editing where all imperfections that have been caught by camera are still visible. Such free raw photos will be useful for beginning photographers and photo retouchers, who want to try and improve their level of image post processing. 


Look through these raw pictures to edit, choose the photos you like, and start experimenting! 

Free Photos for Photoshop Practice


We are not the first company that offers pictures to practice Photoshop. Many photo editing services also provide photographers and retouchers with such a possibility. But they do it only for their would-be colleagues. But we offer free raw images for everyone.


Thus, every person can choose raw portrait photos to edit, download and start practicing. All free raw files for image retouching are for non-commercial use. This means that you can download raw photos to practice editing without any payments but don’t sell them. There are numerous free files, so you can choose anything you like.

Free Studio Raw Photos to Edit


Who really needs this storage of free raw images? Actually, everybody, who is engaged in the photography industry, will find this collection really handy.


All beginning photo editors, who plan to connect their work with photo retouching or amateur photographers, who work with demanding customers on a regular basis or just those, who treat photographing as a hobby. If you one of those people, select raw files to edit you like, download and enhance them.


We constantly try enlarging the number of free raw photos for editing for you to have a choice of all photography styles. Not only our specialists may add untouched images or raw portraits to this collection, any person interested in photography can share his/her raw image samples.

You photos may inspire someone to get down to digital photo editing.  The only recommendation is to indicate the source of pictures unless you have taken them yourself. 


It will help other people be sure that there won’t be any copyrights infringement when they download your images to practice Photoshop. It is of primary importance for us, as we take care of our customers’ rights and law abidance. 


The majority of people who are searching for untouched images are beginner photographers. They make first steps not only in shooting, but also in photo editing and color correction. Since in most cases they can’t afford to buy expensive equipment and hire professional models to take top-grade studio unedited photos that require some touch up, they need raw free files to have practice. 


Our unedited photo storage is the only way out for practicing photo editing softwares. We are glad to support our aspiring clients in their professional development.


Learn how to edit photos in adobe Photoshop easy and fast with our raw photos. Every client can select the most eye-catching raw portrait photo, download, and make it more appealing. The process is simple as with all raw images in our bundle. 


To practice editing raw images is very important for beginners, who make mistakes while retouching pictures. If you want to satisfy your clients and attract new ones, you should be good at image post processing and our stock of raw images for Photoshop practice can be a great starting point. 


While gaining some practical skills, you can send us your projects and we will take care of them, so your clients will be absolutely satisfied. This way you will solve 2 problems at once. Both your skills and career will be totally and quickly improving. What else you can dream about?

Raw Photos to Practice Editing – Amaze Your Clients 


Unedited raw photos will be helpful not only for your skills, but also for your portfolio. If you want to attract new clients, you should have a bright, professional and catchy portfolio. 


You can add all the photos that you have downloaded from our site and add to your portfolio to demonstrate your editing raw images skills. Your time, motivation and patience are the only things that are necessary.


If you download free raw files and edit them for the first time, the result might not encourage you. Remember that you should be persistent and hard-working to achieve truly awesome results. 




2 – Photographer @albertchime (3 Beauty RAW)



beauty 3 RAW Files for practice








3 – Photographer Slava Samoilenko 8 beauty looks [RAW]

Photographer Slava Samoilenko 8 beauty looks [RAW] to download

DOWNLOAD 8 Beauty looks RAW FILES to practice



4 – 66 RAW Files

Websites To Download Free Photos For Retouching






Raw format – the format of the source files of a digital camera obtained directly from its matrix. In contrast to the more common for all .jpg format, uncompressed information is stored in the raw file, which gives more options for processing photos.


Modern photo editing software makes it possible to edit the image, as it is necessary before convert raw to jpeg. Depending on the brand of the camera, raw image can have a different format (.cr2, .pef, .nef, .wmf, .orf and others).




Adobe Lightroom is one of the most well-known digital photo editors. It has very ample opportunities for editing Raw images. One of the distinguishing features of Lightroom is the ability to conveniently catalog photos.



Camera raw is a plugin built into Photoshop, created by Adobe company. It is made on the same engine as Lightroom, therefore it has almost all the same tools for processing raw images as Lightroom. The plugin was created to allow Photoshop users to work with raw files without leaving the program.



Capture One is another digital photo editor from the Danish company Phase One who does an excellent job with raw photos. Just as Lightroom has the ability to catalog photographs and all the necessary tools for image editing. Has a reputation as one of the best programs to work with color.


5 – 43 RAW Files





We have gathered a collection of free-to-use RAW files for you to practice retouching and to start building your portfolio!!!

Choose Your Favorite RAW FILES

This is our selection of free raw files. Every package comes with a bunch of high-quality raw files for retouchers to practice their retouching techniques.Each set comes with its own qualities and challenges!Please, read our License Agreement about how our FREE RAW Files can/should be used.

We provide you with an up-to-date resource for you to legally download premium RAW files. All in an effort to help you build your professional  retouching portfolio; or simply to give you material to practice your retouching skills.


Are These Raw Files Really Free To Use?


Yes, the free raw files we provide are for you to practice retouching and give you the chance to work on some real images. Ideally, you can use them to start building your retouching portfolio and prove to others what you are capable of.

What Are Raw Images?


Raw images are uncompressed files offering the highest possible image data and quality.

Why Free Raw Files?


In your best interest, you want always to start retouching with a raw file to end up with the best outcome possible.

Raw Image Formats


Our Free RAW files are images from commonly used 35mm full-frame cameras. These are what most retouchers work with during commercial jobs.




Raw files are unprocessed images that reflect the image data coming from your camera sensor. Camera Raw Images cannot be directly printed or processed by regular, bitmap based processing or image editing software.

A special raw processor is neccesary to interpret and process the image data. With the use of proper software the files can be processed for further manipulation or printing into a tiff or jpeg file.


Raw files are also often referred to as digital negative files. While most common raw files are mainly based on the tiff format standard, they can be differences in the file syntax: Different image headers, image tags, file encryption and so on.


DNG is Adobe’s Digital Negative format which is not camera native and their standard is described as an extended tiff 6.0 format including several open image standards such es exif, xmp, iptc, icc profiles and more




The provided Raw files can be used for your personal retouching projects. Commercial use is not allowed! We know how hard it can be to find appropriate images and therefore we decided to provide free images for practicing purposes. You should not use bad images that need much fixing to practice. You can use our premium raw files in order to grow and to start building your retouching portfolio.


Please look at the provided description about how to properly use and credit the different sets of images. Every photographer may grant you different rights or demands credits to be used in a different way.


Please note that you get permission to use to represent your business but own no copyrights to the images, which belong to the images’ creators. Please do not give the images away and instead recommend them by sending people to this page. We would appreciate you giving back as we put the work in to provide you with useful material to grow and to earn money.




You really want to start with good quality source files. A bad image will always need a lot of fixing and you will never be able to make it a freat image. Wheras when starting with a good quality file and from an properly processed raw image, you can acheive pretty much everything.


Retouching is foremost about fixing things that could not be taken care of while shooting. Therefore fixing sometimes is necessary but you need to practice with the best files you can get to develop your skills, you eye to hand coordination and you visuals.


Developing a taste on how things can look there best is also an important skill you have to learn, which you will not by trying to fix mediocre images. Therefore use our source and download the images provided for free.




A retouching portfolio has one purpose: To represent YOU and your work in the best way possible! If you do not have access to quality images you surely have tried google search or stock libraries.

But I can ensure you they will never provide quality shots by professionals within the beauty industry. They are not unique nor have the potential to be published.


And if they are, you might have to spend an unproportional amount of money in order to practice or to build your portfolio. Freelance work does not come by its own. you have to show off your skills and make a good first impression on possible potential clients.

So, if you lack the appropriate images, you should take advantage of downloading the files we provide totally free for you to use in your retouching portfolio.




As already stated, you will need a piece of software that provides you with the capability of reading the different camera raw formates and to process them. There are Different companies providing such software such as Adobe, Phase one, Hasselblad and different software companies.


Most of them are going to cost money. You can try using free software to process your raw files but I recommend sticking to the known software which has its place in the industry for a reason.


You might have to import your images first in order to process them correctly. After being processed the raw files need to be exported into a comon known format depending of further use. As you intend to retouch your images, you will need to export them as psd files or as tiff files.


Those formats are commonly used for retouching and can be open within your image editing software of choice. We recommend using Photoshop for your retouching work.




Raw files provide more image data as jpeg files. They are unprocessed, are used in a much larger color space and therefore give you more options to shift, change and control saturation of colors. They also give you the opportunity to use icc and dng based camera profiles to correct your image data when shot with different lenses and bodies to make them look the same (color-wise).


In general, raw files contain more data, more bit depth and can be compressed as to show more detail in shadows and highlights than a captured jpeg format can.
Shooting raw is associated with being a professional. Within the retouching industry it is basically the same. You want to start with good images, when it comes to the file format. This is as important as the image content, model, lighting, posing, composition,…




Practicing your retouching can start as you decide to put in the effort and to sit down for many hours to get better. Quality raw files can help you to develop your skills.


With bad images you might spend so many hours fixing things that are not important and not only that, you are forced to work differently because your attention goes to all the captured flaws. Your focus will absolutely shift as you start working on more quality raw files.


It allows you to focus on the details that make the image stand out and unique.
In case you need help with your retouching, feel free to contact us as we do portfolio reviews as well as customized coaching that are to be specifically designed to help you at the stage you are at to make further progress and to grow as a retoucher.




We have talked about this over and over. When learning about retouching, it is very important to have some guidance and not to get trapped in the phase, trying to fix bad photography. It is important for you to experience the difference between good and bad images and what is the difference between them.


This will, over time, influence your understanding of how you see a digital file and pre-estimate waht you can get out of it without lacking quality. When learning, quality should be your highest priority. Speed and shortcuts may come to a later point in time.
Thus, you should start practicing with quality raw files. 


DOWNLOAD 43 free RAW photo


6 – 54 RAW Files


54 Files for download


Free RAW Photo For Practice

Our photographer-friends have kindly granted you permission to practice with their images and display the retouched versions as well as the originals on your website and social media with proper and clear credits given to the respective photographers.




DOWNLOAD 54 free raw photo


7 – 145 RAW Files

Files to Download
Free Files


Free raw photo for retouching and practice


Have you ever have a definite feeling that it is extremely difficult to start a new activity especially when your knowledge is not solid enough to achieve success from the initial steps.  


Something similar you will experience if you decide to take photos to practice Photoshop or just to enrich your working portfolio. You will see that at first your shots will not produce a satisfactory impression for you no matter whether that will be raw nudes, portraits or interior pictures.


You will also see and notice that even the most successful shots need further editing.  And you also will feel that hand-on practice is something important, but the number of your taken pictures will not be enough to perfect your retouching knowledge.


To make your life easier, we present you with unretouched photos for practice. These are free raw files for retouching that can be simply downloaded and used whenever you need to. Such free raw images contain a number of undisputed advantages for photo editing beginners that need a lot of pictures to practice Photoshop.


Firstly, such great raw files download are of enormous numbers. We have a special storage that contains free raw photos of varied styles and different original characteristics. Thus, just choose raw image files, download them and have numberless hours of practice editing.


In case you think that it is expensive to find a necessary raw image, download it and then have a chance to retouch, our opinion is wrong. On our website you may get free raw images for retouching without paying for this option.


By doing this, we will not have any bonuses exactly for us. A procedure during which you can find an appealing raw image, download it has been created only for the sake of making a considerable contribution to photo art sphere.

We know that nowadays a lot of green photo manipulators just do not have enough images to practice Photoshop that can be taken for free. Perhaps by creating this storage full of free raw images will become a helping option for would-be or already beginning editors.


Before downloading presented free raw images for retouching notice that they can be only used for non-commercial use. We are ready to share useful free raw files for retouching only for those photographers and retouchers that do not plan to sell these images further.

We remind that these raw nudes, portraits and pictures of other styles are in the storage only for supporting your hand-on unofficial practice. That means that such pictures to practice Photoshop can enrich your personal collection, but not become items for selling.


Nevertheless you still want to use any free raw files for retouching in order to sell their improved versions, notice that this activity is forbidden. If you can have free access to any raw image, download it without paying too, that means that they are for non-commercial using.

If you still want not only to practice editing, but also to add downloaded images to your business, then you should search for not free raw images for retouching, but for special pictures that can be used only after paying. Such images usually have authors and only they have rights to dictate the amounts of payments and other rules for using.


In case of working with our photos to practice Photoshop there will be only one rule or it is even better to say recommendation. If possible you should indicate the used source. The matter is that not only our team may add free raw images to this storage.

Every photographer and photo manipulator might make his/her contribution to this brilliant idea. That is where this rule will go into action. We ask to do this in order not to have problems with copyright. It would be wonderful if you outsource pictures done by your hand, but if you are not the author, add information about the source. Otherwise, these photos will not be presented.


Surely for every editor it will be quite useful to find raw files, download them and have a great deal of practice. But if your main occupation is photographing and editing is only your hobby, wait a little before starting your collaboration with customers.

At first, while our skills are only on the way of developing, trust your shots to be improved by real professionals. Such masters can be found in our team from Highendveautyretouching.


The most successful idea will be for you to use our images to practice Photoshop and outsource your shots to us. This way, you will have enough unretouched photos for practice and satisfied clients, because they will not notice all your mistakes while you are only learning how it is to become a professional retoucher and turn free raw photos into unsurpassed masterpiece.


Unretouched free raw photo for practice 


In our storage you will find free raw images for retouching of all possibly styles. For instance you may get raw nudes or for example a necessary raw portrait photo, download any of them and become a great professional.


Everyday our team devotes time to select the best pictures to practice Photoshop for editors of any experience level. Thus, do not think that only beginners need lots of free raw files for retouching.


Editing auteurs also are not against trying new technologies and tools on our free raw images. Every week we notice that at least several experienced retouchers visit our website, select necessary raw image files, download them and improve skills. We recommend you to model yourself upon them, choose the most appealing raw image, download it and start editing.


The procedure is quite simple. For instance, you get raw portrait photo, download it and improve all possible techniques in the sphere of portrait retouching.



Additionally, such photos to practice Photoshop will be brilliant samples to enrich your portfolio.  All images are of various styles and consequently you will have a chance to get an expert portfolio full of versatile photography. Once again, just find raw files, download them and move closer to your dream.





8 –



Wana practice retouching or proccesing RAW images? Well here are a bunch of files for you to try out! These images are free to use for PERSONAL USE ONLY. If you share the images online please tag Spectacle Photo as the photographer. 






Every image is free to use; however, please always credit like mentioned in the download packages. Most photographers want you to credit them in exchange for providing you with free raw files to work on. So please, always credit where credit is due!



Always credit as the provider of the free raw files!


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