Helping to create stylist’s portfolio

Helping to create stylist’s portfolio

Editorial beauty headshot retouch for stylist’s portfolio.

beauty headshot retouch

The importance of beauty headshot retouch for creating beauty stylist’s portfolio


Portfolio is a mandatory attribute of a representative of any creative profession. Especially such as a fashion or hair stylist, also make-up artist. It demonstrates the level of professionalism, as well as the particularities of the work of the professional. Often a decision in favor of one or another specialist is taken spontaneusly. It can be based particularly on images in the portfolio.


Unfortunately, some make-up artists, stylists and hairdressers do not have time to create high-quality shots. Others believe for demonstration of their skills it’s enough to have amateur photos made on a regular camera. The result is the lack of a professional portfolio that could not only attract new customers and increase earnings, but also tell you about this expert in your field.


beauty headshot retouch

What it takes to build a stylist’s portfolio?

Those who decide to create portfolios on their own, face a lot of difficulties. It turns out that in order to create only few professional photographs, one needs to go through difficult preparatory process. For this you need to do at least these basic steps.


find a model;
– c
hoose your own makeup, hairstyle, find a dress and accessories that will harmoniously combine with each other and form a single image;
rent a studio and a photographer;
spend a lot of time and effort on the realization of the conceived.


So lets agree, it’s very difficult and effort-consuming even for a professional stylist alone, not to mention a beginner. It is unlikely that the images created by him will look flawless and fully demonstrate his talent as a master in his field. So express yourself and your talent brightly! Create a high-quality professional portfolio in the process of working together with real experts. A professional photographer, good model and of course – highly-skilled photo retoucher are a must!


beauty headshot retouch


Photography (c) Ksenya Photography





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