Each retouching area is unique and has some specific nuances, glamour photos usually reveal a lot of skin area and the main accent is the body. Therefore, beauty level retouching is a must. First of all, all the skin imperfections must disappear, the skin must look smooth and glowing. Skin retouching is the hardest thing to master and it might take hours to get the satisfactory result. It is a tedious work and even professionals must take extreme care to create a perfect picture. Not only the face, but the whole body visible in the photo must become uniform, flawless and reflect a classy tease. Apart from skin retouching, there are also other objects in the picture that require attention. One more very demanding body part is hair. Working on hair can be as tedious as working on skin, but, luckily, it takes a relatively small part of the picture. It is possible to fill the spots where there is too little hair or remove if there is too much. It all depends on the desired result.